Best Freebies Websites That Give Aways Highly Paid Material For Free

Hello, can I ask you something? Do you wish to download and install those great, well-designed WordPress themes and those surprise plugins? What about photoshop paid fonts? That would be great, wouldn’t it? Certainly, this is why we have brought you here today, the list of best freebies websites that giveaways highly paid material for free at no cost. 

What is this scheme? Is there a cache?

Absolutely no! You may have known or perhaps not, there actually are a few of sites that offers to grants their subscribers high paid materials which often come very handy in PHOTOSHOP EDITING • WordPress Plugins • FREE PHOTO STOCK IMAGES • ROYALTY FREE MUSIC • PHP SCRIPTS • APP TEMPLATES et cetra.

best freebies websites

This is actually a awesome trick for all of those – looking to download paid materials for free legally, you get the license for every material, plus you are not doing anything illegal in any way, These sites are the best and freebies new downloadble contents – GOODIES, if you will, every month as well as weekly. What’s the wait for, let us start right away.

List of best websites that give aways highly paid materials for free

1. Envato elements ( best for site, youtube, graphics)

2. Codester ( best for scripts, website themes)

3. CreativeMarket ( best for graphics , logos and templates )

4. Istock ( Best for stock images, video clips and audio clips )

5. Piximplanet ( Best For  photoshop materials)

1. Envato Elements

best freebies websites

One of the best websites to get highly paid material for free – a perfect platform for anyone looking to get some pro – work done , wether it be for getting some paid Stock Video to make a presentation , or Some WordPress professonal templates for website designing , either one , you will get everything here. Should you be an youtuber or beginner – pro blogger , we can safely say Invato elements is the perfect place for you.

What does Envato elements offers?

• Stock Video • Video Templates • Music

• Sound Effects • Graphic Templates

• Add-ons • Web Templates • CMS Templates • WordPress • 3D • Courses & Tutorials • Tips & Resources and a whole lot more.

However, in order to access everything, You are going to need to buy Envato elements subscribtion which is quite reasonable by any standards, today nevertheless our concentration will be on freebies, worry not, You do not need to purchase anything because Invato provides free files each month that you can download with licence and make use of.

  • How to get Envato Elements weekly and monthly freebies & files?

Easy, Follow These steps :

1. Make an account on Envato, which takes at most two minutes.
2. Scroll down and find free files of the month, download whatever you desire.

2. Codester

best freebies websites

Well, the name says it all: Codester is an incredible platform that sells scripts for incredibly low prices. Honestly, this is one of the best sites for web developers, programmers, and designers. Flourishing marketplace awaiting for anyone looking for templates, scripts, or website designs.

What services does Codester provide?

Scripts & Codes • Hundreds of app templates • Broad spectrum of Plugins & Extensions • Website Themes & Templates •
Graphics and a great deal more.

While it is true that Codester is a paid service, though there is silver -lining which is, Codester provides free highly paid materials at absolutely no cost which are made available at their site on weekly and monthly – basis.

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  • How to get Codester freebies weekly files?


1. Make a account on Codester (that takes a minute )
2. Go to this link :
3 Enjoy! All of the free files from the Previous week that are Available for download

3. CreativeMarket

best freebies websites

One of the finest graphic designing sites available on the internet which provides free material at no cost on monthly & weekly – basis. Creative Market is a marketplace where independent designers can sell their handcrafted design work. Plus you get the best unique graphic designs here. Sell , buy , share all kinds of digital designs.

What does CreativeMarket offers?

Graphics: Icons, Illustrations, Objects, Patterns, Textures, Web Elements.

Fonts: Thousands of fonts bundles choose from for different tools.

Best Templates: Mockups, Social Media, Presentations, Email, Websites, Resumes Cards, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers
Logos, Magazines, Stationery.

All sorts of add ons Photoshop Add-ons, Illustrator Add-Ons, Lightroom Add-Ons InDesign Palettes, Procreate Brushes Affinity Designer Brushes, and much more.

All sorts of stock images are available for a number of tools.

Web Themes: Blog, Business, Commerce Plugin, Photography, Portfolio, Landing, Page, Magazine, Non-Profit, and for many more other browser tools.

No doubt, CreativeMarket is one of the best online marketplace that sells exquisite design assets, ranging from Graphics • stock photography • Wordpres themes and way more. Although if you do not have the financial means to buy all of this, lucky for you this site also give aways highly paid materials for free legally along with licence.

  • How to get CreativeMarket weekly and monthly freebies & files?

1. Make an account on CreativeMarket
2. Open this link , and get your free files of the week
3. Voila! Now you can utilise them any way you want , the files are legally yours now to do as you please.

4. Istock

best freebies websites

One of the most prestigious photography studios in the market of stock images, The pioneer of the microstock model, which entails selling royalty-free photos online for low prices with a low payment criterion.

Founded on 14 may 2000, Istock photo is highly trusted site where people come from all over world in order to buy, sell, curate their own gallery. Every month, nearly 500,000 new photos, illustrations, videos, and audio files are added to the site. In exchange for royalties, artists, designers, and photographers from all corners of the globe contribute their work to iStock collections.

What does Istock have to offer?

• Thousands of high-quality, unique images – including photos, illustrations, vectors, audio, and videos.

• There are monthly and annual subscription plans that allow you to download content with various licences.

And last , but not the least , Istock also give aways highly paid materials for free on weekly – basis such as photos , audios , illustrations , video clips and more. All the files which are available for free on weekly and monthly basis come with the same license that a paid file is , therefore you can utilise it any way you want, be it for youtube videos or blog posts.

  • How to get iStock weekly and monthly freebies & files?

Follow these simple instructions to get started:

1. Make an account on Istock
2. Go to this link:
3. Download any files you want, with the same licence as a paid image.

5. PiximPlanet

best freebies websites

For each and every person who is looking for free Photoshop material – assets , Piximplanet would be the ideal place for you, since it arms you with – hundreds of graphic templates , photoshop action , brushes , Shapes , fonts , and a great deal more at your disposal for no cost.

Piximplanet is a subsidiary business of our piximfix website – dedicated exclusively to Photoshop materials. You get to download highly paid photoshop materials for free here, and that’s not the end , not on the monthly basis or weekly basis , but rather you get to download photoshop paid materials on daily basis, isn’t that something?

  • How to download photoshop materials on daily – basis 

Follow these quite simple steps :

1. Go to Piximplanet
2. Make an account for yourself
3. Choose what you want to download and enjoy!

So this was “the best websites that giveaways highly paid material for free” that you can make use of in order to make everything easier and more accessible.

Remember just because these particular sites giveaways paid materials for free does not necessarily mean, these materials are of no worth, just in the case you were wondering , because everything they provide are unique and exclusive, Mind you!

We sincerely believe these awesome tools are going to help you, doing many of your projects, presentations, edification, WordPress and other platforms Works, such as, Audio & Video editing, adding lots of new plugins et cetra.

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best freebies websites FAQS

q1. Free files of the month

There are many sites that give aways on monthly basis , to get free files of the month you can go to these sites:

1. Envato elements (best for site, youtube, graphics)

2. Codester (best for scripts, website themes)

3. CreativeMarket (best for graphics , logos and templates)

4. Istock (Best for stock images , video clips and audio clips)

5. Piximplanet (Best For Fre photoshop materials)

q2. Free files of the week?

You can read this post to find the best websites that give aways free files of the week.

q3. What are the sites that allows you download their paid contents for free legally ?

You can read this post to find out ” the list of sites that allows you download paid contents for free legally.

q4. What sites provides paid downloadble contents for free with license?

Kindly read this post to find the list of ” sites that provide paid downloadble contents for free with license.”

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