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12 Best Fake Text Message Apps for Android & IOS  2023 – Free texts

Best Fake Text Message Apps

There are numerous fake text message apps available for Android and iOS that allow you to imitate text messages. These applications create convincing conversations that you could leverage to make fun of your friends as well as bail someone out of a jam. These applications are completely customisable, and a few of them actually mimic famous social media messengers.

However, there is one issue: the abundance of fraudulent text message apps available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. In other words, if you download these Best fake text message apps, you’re likely to wind up with one that doesn’t seem realistic or has enough features for you to deal with. Keeping all of these considerations in mind, we have created the greatest fake text messages apps, which we are confident you will like.

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List of best fake text massages apps for Android & iOS 2023

Our staff has done an incredible job of locating the best fake text message app for Android smartphones and iOS iPhones. It took a while, but as you know, we wanted to present you with the best apps that don’t take up a lot of space on your smartphone and function smoothly, giving you a fantastic user experience. So, what do you say? Should we start?

1. Fake Chat Conversations – WhatsMassages 

Fake Conversation Conversations is a dialogue simulator tool that one can use to send fake messages to oneself. This is a one-of-a-kind programme since it does not allow you to make up a conversation in randomised texts. This programme was created with the sole purpose of imitating WhatsApp chats. Otherwise, it has all the same features. One may send texts and MMS messages while switching between different accounts. You can also send yourself false voice mails and especially fake phone calls!

Create fake WhatsApp profiles with ease and converse with any of them. You can give them your name and a profile picture, or you can use it as a sort of contact information. The majority of the app’s functionalities should be changed.

Download the Fake Chat Conversations software if you want to fake WhatsApp text conversations. 

  • Create unlimited fake chat
  • Sending fake audio recordings
  • Easily take a screenshot of your fake chat
  • You can rearrange dates, contacts and fake chat

Download Fake Chat Conversations – WhatsMassages for android mobile 

2. Fake Chat 2023

2022 02 14 15 09 49 Viral Chat 1200 × 628px — Mozilla

It’s a fake messaging app that generates whatever text you like, mostly as a prank on somebody you love. This programme enables you to imitate full discussions in a natural manner; nobody will ever suspect it is just a fake conversation! Convince your pals that this individual has been sending you these questionable texts all along. Observe how surprised folks are when you manage to strike up a discussion with somebody famous; they hadn’t ever imagined you could.

Send and receive several forms of fake text, including textual and visual messages. Everything is completed with ease! Each statement you would like to give or get must be created by you. Finally, on the taskbar, write the name of the famous person or unknown girlfriend you have. 

  • Create the message and decide whether it will be sent or received (If you want to insert the MMS just click on the icon next to write message)
  • To change the schedule, simply click on the schedule.
  • Screenshot fake chat massages for free
  • Uses only 2 MB of your Android’s storage

Download fake chat 2023 for android mobile

3. Fake Chat Conversation

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One other fantastic app to add to our collection of the best fake text message apps. This Fake Chat Conversation is a prank conversation software that permits one to appear as somebody different. One might, for instance, simply assume to be a famous person, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or perhaps someone’s closest buddy. Fake Chat Conversation is, in a nutshell, one of the best fake chat apps for pranking unsuspecting mates.

  • One-click chat Screenshot
  • User-friendly design
  • Minimum memory consumption
  • You can modify all of it.

Downloadfake chat conversation for android mobile

4. TextingStory Chat Story Maker textingstory chat story maker 2.jpg.pagespeed.ic .VYWY dZbAc

This is a conversation simulator programme that lets you make convincing fake text messages. This programme resembles a standard messenger, with the exception that you can change speakers by merely clicking the usernames. Subject identities with images and information can be created.

The application integrates a screenshot sharing feature that allows you to send screenshots to the folks you intend to prank. One can even record screen video to make the dialogue seem more genuine. Furthermore, the footage of the capture would speed up automatically to make it look like it was more solid and real. This is without a doubt the best fake text messaging app for the iPhone and Android.

  • Write a text conversation in TextingStory
  • Create a video from your story
  • This app is easy to use and has a lot of options.
  • Check what you’ve rendered and share it with your friends.

Download TextingStory Chat Story Maker for android device & IOS phone.

5. Fake Chat Maker

Fake Text Massages is one of the best apps for simulating text conversations on the Android platform. One can use the programme to establish discussions between two individuals of one’s choosing. The app’s interface design resembles that of a standard messenger. Uniquely, the profiles can be changed, and one may choose to write either transmitted or received responses. In the discussion, folks can also share photos and videos. In order to make it all seem much more natural.

The software includes a display sharing feature that lets you send screenshots to the individuals you’re hoping to confuse.

  • make and receive fake social media video calls 
  • Create unlimited fake chat massages 
  • Create fake screenshots and share them with your pals.
  • Access unlimited emoticons

Download fake chat maker for android mobile & IOS iPhone.

6. Fake SMS – Fake Text Message From Anyone

It’s a fake SMS message app which permits you to recreate anything in SMS messages & operates with Android’s most recent messaging system. The dashboard is similar to that of an Android chat. In an actual discussion, no one will be able to tell the difference between its fake SMS and the real app’s SMS. 

It includes all kinds of instruments that a normal texting app would have, e.g. [MAILBOX] [SAVED DRAFTS] [SENDING OPTION] [FAILED MASSAGES] and so much more, that none of your friends will think otherwise. Now you can fool anyone into thinking you have a number of fans.

  • Fake sms – Fake Text Message From Anyone app lets you receive, send fake massages for free
  • Send recieve fake draft, failed massages 
  • Intuitive user interface – Extremely simple
  • Does not require a great deal of space only 4 MB

Download Fake SMS – Fake Text Message From Anyone on android mobile

7. Fake massenger app

Fake Messenger is a texting programme that allows users to bombard their mates with texts without really speaking to them. There are other chat programmes available, yet only a handful seem to be equally effective as Fake Messenger Chat. Fake Messenger is a spoof messaging software which allows individuals to send false texts and play practical jokes on others. Fake Messenger comes with an alerting mechanism that lets one choose what messages to display and when they display on one’s device.

  • Change, edit the detail in the conversation.
  • Take charge of both sides of a conversation.
  • Generate fake chat clips
  • Unrestricted use of emoticons

Download Fake massenger app for android phone

8. Prankenzers – Fake chat massages

This one I personally use, and firmly believe this is easily the best fake text message app for android mobile. You can create fake chats and share them with your pals and relatives. 212This spoof chat programme creates the most lifelike conversations, allowing you to quickly pull practical jokes on your pals. One can simply disclose screenshots to peers by taking screenshots & using the app’s screen capture function. You can construct fictitious personal accounts and fake narratives by utilising the app. The programme could even be used to create fake groups & add fake participants.

  • Simple to create fake chat messages
  • Alter every single detail in the conversatio
  • Unlimited emojis support 
  • Only 5 MB in size, which is not excessive.

Download Prankenzers – Fake chat massages app for android mobile

9. Fake messenger – Video Call

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This programme strives to imitate the Facebook Messenger app as closely as achievable. To trick relatives and colleagues, one can construct a fake conversation, submit any credentials as if they were an actual interaction, and then spread it. It includes a wide range of options, including

  • Edit all the chats as you want 
  • Endless stickers and screenshots free of charge
  • Photos to make it look real
  • User-friendly design.

Download Fake messenger – Video Call for android mobile

10. Fakenger pro

download now

This fake text message programme is ideal for anyone who wants to create near-perfect fake chats that appear genuine and realistic. Fakenger Pro has a variety of functions, namely the capability to build fake accounts and send fake text messages, as well as fake groups with users to fool anybody. Moreover, should you wish to have even more laugh, make fake videos for your social media profiles. One disadvantage of this software is that it is charged. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here as well. Simply download the apk file from the link below to get the pro Fakenger app for free


  • Create fake Contact – Create fake Stories
  • Control both sides of the conversation
  • Automatic fake reply to fool anyone in real-time
  • Schedule fake Audio and Video calls

Download Fakenger Pro for android mobile from Piximfix

download now

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11. Fake chat conversation – Prank

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More than ten million people all across the world have downloaded it. You can use this software to write up fake chats and email screenshots of the interactions to other pals. This programme can be used to trick your pals and mask any hoax. This programme lets you create fake anniversary greetings in the event you totally ignored sending them, and last but not the least, it generates an endless number of memes.

  • Unlimited free massages and stickers to make your fake conversation look real.
  • Edit all the details and click screenshot with one click
  • Minimal storage usage
  • Easy to use interface

Download Fake chat conversation – Prank For android mobile

12. Fake CALL and SMS

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Should anyone believe making a false call is entertaining, the Fake Call and SMS app for Android could be just what you’re looking for. The programme allows you to create fake phone calls or send fake online SMS. which can be used to trick folks. It includes a series of qualities, including the ability to customise fake caller personal data such as title, contact details, photograph, and buzzer, as well as the capacity to timetable a fake call at one set period, get fake caller details already existing in your phone, customise the moment for fake texts, and far more.

  • The application name will be changed to “Call Assistant” to avoid detection.
  • Simulation – fake calls (Incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls):
  • Customize fake caller information: name, phone number, picture, ringtone,
  • Customize information for fake messages: Name, phone number, message content

There you go. These were the best fake text massages apps for Android and iOS iPhones. 

The only reason for creating these fake sms apps is pure entertainment and amusement. If you do anything wrong or are unethical with them, you will be solely responsible. Now that the serious portion is out of the way, I’d like to tell you that using these apps to prank your friends or family is a fantastic idea. Have fun with it.

Join our Telegram channel to be the first to know when we post a new article and bookmark our page for more information on such fantastic applications. Some of the most frequently asked questions about the best fake text message apps are listed here.

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