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Best Android Apps

11 Best Do Not Disturb Apps for Android in 2023

Best Do Not Disturb Apps

We are confident that you have experienced a scenario wherein your Android mobile began to buzz at maximum intensity throughout a critical meeting. We saw the necessity for “DND” Mode only at that moment. DND, meaning Do Not Disturb Option, is an important function that people should use.

Most people believe that perhaps the DND mode turns on the device’s standby mode. Nevertheless, this isn’t quite accurate; it accomplishes far more than simply switching your phone into standby mode. Whereas in Standby Mode, which silences all vibrations, Do Not Disturb gives customers greater flexibility over what gets silenced.

You may quickly enable the “DND” mode for a certain app or client, for instance. Not only that, furthermore DND mode can always be pre-programmed or profiled as we like to say. The Do Not Disturb mode, unfortunately, is not accessible on all Android devices. As it is, in this case, folks have to involve different DND applications. But even that can be a tricky business because there are so many DO NOT DISTURB apps out on the playstore and other platforms. What to do? What to choose? Well, worry not, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we have provided the best DND apps for Android mobile phones.

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List of Best Do Not Disturb Apps For Android 2023

Our staff has done an incredible job in locating the best do not disturb apps for Android smartphones. It took a while, but as you know, we wanted to present you with the best apps that don’t take up a lot of space on your smartphone and function smoothly, giving you a fantastic user experience. So, what do you say? Shall we get started?

1. Easy DND

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screen 2

Easy DND is designed by XDA developers that combines the greatest elements of Android’s very own DND with a vivid, transparent, and fantastic interface. Therefore, the app has nearly all of the same functions as Android’s own Do Not Disturb mode. Toggle amongst Full Do Not Disturb, Prioritize, Specific Contacts, Recurrent Callers, and a lot more features using Easy DND.

  • Starred Contacts Only – for your preferred contacts
  • Full Do Not Disturb – with no interruptions at all
  • Switch DND off automatically after next alarm
  • Nice little features like Repeat Callers – Contacts Only -Media Sounds – Messages-  Touch Sounds – Alarms

Download Easy DND for android device.

2. Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode thumbnail

It’s not just another Do Not Disturb app; it ‘s truly unique and useful. Once you’re running a game, the software just disables the audio and messages. For that reason, the software is designed for serious players and online video streamers. It disables all apps and call notifications while you’re playing the game.

  • Auto Reject Incoming calls – Gaming Mode booster is on your side. Show your skills without interruptions
  • Block notifications – With Game Booster, your focus will not be disrupted – pure gaming experience.
  • Clear Background Apps to free up RAM & Boost gaming performance – your experience is our highest priority.
  • Disable auto-brightness & optimize it to your desired level.

 Download Gaming Mode app for android mobile.

3. Do not Disturb

A whole other app for folks who wouldn’t prefer to be interrupted during meetings. In silent mode, this software limits incoming calls, but not those from permitted numbers. It is considered one of the best Do Not Disturb apps because of its attractive menu-driven interface. You can also add certain contacts to your whitelist, so your friends can call you even in Do Not Disturb Mode.

  • schedule a time or choose specific contacts that would be allowed to call.
  • you can select specific contacts from your contact list, when this person will call, the phone will go out from silence mode and ring.
  • Time Limit – Set a schedule, Choose how much time Do Not Disturb Mode will be ON.
  • Auto Respond By SMS – Automatic SMS that you will be wirte will sent to the unanswerd callers.

Download DO NOT DISTURB app for android mobile.

4. Polite 

Polite is a different type of Do Not Disturb app, but it does the job efficiently. It’s not as simple as blacklisting and whitelisting. Rather, it muffles all obnoxious noises. Polite’s main feature is that it enables individuals to access silent mode at specified points of time, and it also has the functionality to synch with the Android’s own calendar app to work at certain events. 

  • Create rules to automatically switch to vibrate mode or silent mode
  • Match all events in your calendar or match specific events based on keywords in the event title or description
  • Schedule Rules will silence your phone at a specific time in your weekly schedule
  • Doest take much of your android mobile space just 1MB only. 

Download Polite app for android mobile.

5. Do not disturb Toggle

Almost all Android devices feature a DO NOT DISTURB MODE, albeit discovering it can be difficult. Maybe it’s because everyone prefers the off-switch or aeroplane mode to Do Not Disturb mode. If you’re looking for a quick way to spin on and off Do Not Disturb Mode, consider ‘Do Not Disturb Toggle. It’s a simple ICON that allows you to toggle Do Not Disturb Mode on and off from your main screen.

  • One of the simplest Do not Disturb apps
  • Works on almost all Android devices
  • customize how DND mode will behave – like without any exceptions.
  • One of the only DND apps that is less than 1 Mb 

Download Do Not Disturb Toggle for android mobile.

6. Call blocker 

Should you’ve been searching for just a simple DND app that primarily impacts callers, this is a fantastic option to consider. Based on the DND hours, this software will mechanically block all of your calls. You also get a variety of options for automating this DND function. Hence, one can use it at unique times to relax. 

  • Block any number, spam calls, fraud numbers with call blacklist
  • Schedule Call Blocking to block calls in a particular time
  • Block wildcard numbers in patterns, starting or ending with a particular series of numbers or block numbers by country code
  • Works on almost all Android devices. 

Download call blocker app for android mobile.

7. AppBlock – Stay Focused

Stay Focused by AppBlock is among the top popular Do Not Disturb applications on the Android Market. This programme allows you to instantly ban apps, webpages, and warnings. This even aids in the creation of profiles comprising restrictions for groupings of apps. A clock could also be applied to engage profiles for a specified period of time.

  • Block sites & apps and control your productivity and screen time to stay focused.
  • Set a screen time tracker limit during your offtime and organize your quality time
  • Activate Strict Mode to lock your profile and thus improve self-control. Always stay productive and focused with our app blocker!
  • Active the Strict mode to prevent you or your children from uninstalling AppBlock. 

Download AppBlock for android mobile.

8. Mute

If your Android smartphone doesn’t offer a Do Not Disturb option, choose Mute. Simply switch it on, and it will hush all of your buzzing apps for free. Mute also supports the building of Do Not Interrupt checklists, which is a benefit. For instance, select a handful of apps and games to mute all messages and sounds from those particular apps.

  • Very simple DO NOT DISTURB APP [DND]
  • Put application shortcut on wallpaper to quick switch MUTE ON/OFF.
  • touch again and back to previous profile. Mute all (ringers, audio/video players, notifications) with the exception of the alarm.
  • It does not take much space and works on pretty much all the devices.

 Download Mute app for android mobile.

9. Nights keeper [DO NOT DISTRUB]

 The programme will safeguard you by barring any calls except those that have been registered in the system to receive urgent calls and alerts, since only certain friends are allowed to enter through. Because it’s extremely simple to operate, it’s been considered the best “do not disturb” app for Android. This application additionally permits you to create multiple weekly accounts, which helps you plan the schedule appropriately. 

  • You can specify separate contacts or groups in your exceptions list.
  • App can help you to save your battery life by turning off Auto Sync, Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at nigh
  • App can automatically send SMS notification to the blocked caller just to let him know that you are ok
  • Nights keeper only takes 2 MB of your android mobile space

Download Nights keeper for android device.

10. Flip DND

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Flip DND is one of the best Do Not Disturb applications out on Android Market. Simply flip your Android phone upside down to activate Flip DND, which will silence all alerts and incoming calls. The application is small and will easily function, requiring far too little power. Flip DND is a fantastic DND app for Android. 

  • Minimal battery impact and super simple to use.
  • Works on almost all Android devices
  • Doest take much of your space, just 3 MB
  • Flip your phone screen down, wait 2 seconds, and you will get no more distractions.

Download Flip DND for android device.

11. Auto Do Not Disturb 

You can create unique profiles in the Auto Do Not Disturb app to indicate whenever the smartphone ought to be muted or buzzing. Furthermore, it allows you to customise profile settings such as geolocation, Internet, clock, Bluetooth, scheduled events, and plenty more.

  • Automatically silence your device by defining profiles for times, places, etcetra.
  • Setup custom profiles that specify when your device should be silent, or loud, etc…
  • Temporary device silencing for when you need to quickly put your phone on silent ‘for the next 5 minutes’ on the go.
  • Ability to export and import app data to copy your configured silencing profiles to another device you own

Download Auto Do Not Disturb app for android mobile.

Last words 

So there you have it: the best Do Not Disturb apps for your Android phone. It’s no secret that any Android device’s built-in DO NOT DISTRUB function works, but not in the way you’d like.

But we guarantee that these top-of-the-line DND apps will help you perform things that your old Android phone couldn’t. We prefer it when things are automatic and simple. We hope you were successful in finding the best DO NOT DISTURB app for your Android device.

Join our Telegram channel to be the first to know when we post a new article and bookmark our page for more information on such fantastic applications. Some of the most frequently asked questions about the best DND apps are listed here.

Best do not disturb app for android 2023 FAQs 

q1. Best Do Not Disturb app iPhone

In 2023, we have not been able to find any Do Not Disturb apps for the iOS iPhone. We believe the iOS iPhone already provides an inbuilt Do-Not-Disturb system for the iOS iPhone. If you feel this statement isn’t true, and know otherwise, please let us know in the comment section, so we can also update this article for do not disturb apps for iOS iPhone.

q2. Do Not Disturb app Android

Want the best “Do Not Disturb app Android?” Read this post and select the best do not disturb app for your Android device.

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q3. Do Not Disturb app download

Here we have given the best Do Not Disturb app download links for Android mobile phones. You can download the Do Not Disturb apps from here.

q4. Do Not Disturb app for iPhone

As we have already stated, we are not sure if there are any Do Not Disturb apps for the iPhone, If you know otherwise, please let us know. Do comment.

q5. Android Do Not Disturb app exceptions

Looking for an Android Do Not Disturb app with exceptions? So that you can block certain calls or notifications for certain apps and other callers? Well, this is the right place for you, since the Android app I have provided here does afford Do Not Disturb app exceptions.

q6. Android Do Not Disturb specific apps

Looking for an android Do Not Disturb specific apps? That allows you to block or unblock specific apps? Well, as we said, this is the right city for Android Do Not Disturb apps that are specific.

q7. Best DND app Android

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Looking for an single best DND app for android? Look no further, because you got it, as we have in this post outlined the best DND apps for android mobile. Choose your own best DND app.

q8. Do Not Disturb mode

We have provided here the best DND apps with unique Do Not Disturb modes. You can choose any of them and utilise them as you fit for your android mobile.

q9. Android multiple Do not Disturb profiles

The android DND apps we have listed here are different and has the option for multiple Do Not Disturb profiles.

q10. Is there a do not disturb mode for apps?

Yes, there is a do not disturb mode for apps with multiple options which allows you to block certain apps or specific call of your choice, for more info read this post.

q11. Does Android have Do Not Disturb like Iphone?

Why Yes! Android does have an own Do not disturb option like IOS iPhone. The problem is, on android Do Not disturb feature, it pretty much blocks everything. So many developers have made diffrent Do Not Disturb apps for android device. Making it easier to DND specific apps or calls. 

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q12. Is there a do not disturb app for Iphone?

Not right now in 2023. iOS iPhone does not have a do not disturb app for its platform. However it does have its own DO-NOT-DISTURB inbuilt feature which you can employ to block any kind of distractions on IOS iPhone.

q13. Who can get through do not disturb?

That depends on what sort of DND app you are using, for example in the case you are simply using your device default Disturb feature then it is pretty likely that nothing can get through. 

q14. Best Do Not Disturb app for Android

This is the whole point of our post, to find The Best Do Not Disturb app for Android, and in this endeavour we have managed to put together a list of best android Do Not Disturb apps that are specific and with exceptions.

q15. Is there a Do Not Disturb for certain apps? 

Absolutely! There are do not disturb apps for certain apps that you can use to block certain application on your android mobile that you would like. For more info, read this post.

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