Best 14 Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter App

The Mobile Performance Meter App is an amazing iOS and Android mobile application that lets you make money just by running the apk in the background. You don’t have to do any hard work or put any of your precious time into something you are not passionate about. Simply download and install the mobile performance metre app on your device, turn on the internet button, and you are ready to earn money simply by using your Android or iOS device as usual.

You have got to hand it to this pizza-saver application, because the mobile performance meter application allows you to earn giftcards that can be used to purchase anything on big sites like Amazon, Domino’s, Visa, Google Play Store, Brookstone, Caribou Coffee, et cetera. 

A lot of people have used this Mobile Performance Meter App and have found it to be really helpful. I mean, you can get free pizza or whatever little items on every month, doing nothing really. Isn’t that awesome? Well, anyways, many of you have asked for more apps like the Mobile Performer Meter app that pay free giftcards or PayPal money without investing anything or any of your personal time.

Fortunately, after much research, we have found the best 14 apps that are similar to the mobile performance meter app and allow anyone to make money or points that are later used to convert them into giftcards or real money, eligible to be sent into real bank accounts or PayPal etc. These apps are very much like the mobile performance meter application, and work on Android Mobile as well as iOS iPhone. Exciting? Eh?

As always, we have to talk about the mobile performance meter app. Before diving into apps that are similar to the Mobile Performance Meter apk, since a lot of new folks are also going to be here, reading about what the Mobile Performance Meter app is might pique their interest. As you know, it’s really one of the best apps that gives away real money at no cost.

What is the Mobile Performance Meter app?

Mobile Meter Apk Is An Android Or iOS Device Application That Can Be Found On The Internet As Well As On Our Website. This Application Has Been Created And Developed By EmbeeMobile, Which Is A Market Research Company Operating From San Francisco, California, USA.


The Mobile Performance Metre App Assists In Gathering Important Data Such As “What Mobile Phone Are You Using?”, “What Is Your Mobile Service Provider?”, and “What Kind Of Apps Do You Use The Most?” And “What Websites Do You Visit.” Before You Go Ahead And Think It’s A Scam, Let Us Stop You Right There. 

Because The Mobile Performance Meter Does Not In Any Case Take Away Your Personal Data, Such As Mobile Phone Number, Clicked Photos Or Otherwise, Likewise The Device Videos. But most importantly, it does not store any of your account credentials of any kind. This Statement Has Been Stated In A Crystal-Clear Letter On The Apps’ Privacy Policy Page. To Understand It Even Better, Think Of The Times You Visit A Website And It Asks For Cookies’ Permission. 

This Is Pretty Much The Same Thing, Only The Difference Being The App Will Be Constantly Collecting Your Smartphone’s Information To Share With The Reputable Research Market Companies And Mobile Carriers In Order To Make A Better Product.

Now The Question Arises, What Happens With The Concerned Data Of Yours That Is Being Shared? Legitimate Question And The Answer Is Even More Satisfying. All The Collected Data By The Mobile Performance Meter App Is Used For Only Reports And Analysis. It Goes To The Embee Research Partners, Which Are Some Of The Biggest Firms Out There, Legitimate As Well As Trustyworthy.

The Information Is Used To Make Statistical Models Of People That Look Like You Based On Gender, Age, Income, Education, Household Size, And Mobile Phone Usage Habits. Mind You, The Data Is Collected As A Collective, Meaning The Shared Data Is Not Individualistic But Collective.

One Of The Best Pros Of Having The Mobile Performance Meter App Is That You Don’t Even Need To Create An Account For It, You Can Just Install The Application And Kickstart It. It’s Really A Walk In The Park. Whenever You Feel Like, You Can Just Turn Off The Privacy Button And None Of The Information Will Be Shared.

What sort of data and information does the mobile performance meter app collect?

This question has already been answered in our post in great details, although just to give you a short summary of it all, refer to this section. These are some of the data and information that the mobile performance meter app collects when running the app in the background.

  • Which apps do you use the most and for how long?
  • What websites do you visit and how long do you stay on them?
  • Who is your service provider, and what internet speed they can afford?
  • Your phone’s general data, e.g., what model you are using, what the manufacturer company is, how much storage it does have, basically the smartphone technical specifications.
  • The answers to the survey you have given (if given).

How do I get more points on my mobile performance meter app?

Nearly one million people have downloaded the mobile performance meter app on their smartphones and have been making strides with it. However, some users have claimed they are not making as many points on it as they had hoped. So how does one get more points on the mobile performance meter app? Again, you can follow some of these steps outlined here or simply read through the post we have made on the mobile performance meter app, which has certain tricks for getting more points on anyone’s mobile performance application:) 

Do surveys :

You May Be Surprised To Hear This, But The Mobile Performance Meter App Does Not Only Let You Earn Points Just By Running The Apk In The Background. Should You Choose, You Can Easily Make Money Doing Simple Surveys On Apk, Which Generally Include Things Like Watching Videos, Answering Simple Questions, Taking Quizzes And Tests, And So On.

Refer A Friend : You Can Share Your Own Referral Link For The Mobile Performance App With Your Friends, Family, And Strangers On The Road, Which Will Earn You Approximately 300 Points. Isn’t That Amazing?

Use another device : Copy your referral link and use it to download the mobile performance meter app on another smartphone. You will get a free 300 points. You can use this trick as much as you want for free. 

Best apps like Mobile Performance Meter apps for Android & iOS iPhone

You want more options? Well, here we have given the top 14 similar apps like the Mobile Performance Meter app that are designed for both Android smartphones and iOS iPhones. It’s a wide range of selection of apps that are very much like mobile performance meter app, with a few different qualities to themselves, for example. Some of these apps may not reward you with giftcards or points, but they may reward you with real money that can be transferred into your bank account or PayPal account that you have. There will also be more rewards options according to their respective companies and designs. 

None of these apps are fake; they have all been verified by our team, and they do pay real money. And if you get into any trouble, do let us know by commenting down below in the question box, and also join our channel to find a list of such rewarding apps. You will like it there.

1. Slidejoy 

Slidejoy is a stunning app that allows you to earn money by reading the latest news and unlocking the smartphone lock. It offers you money as well as gift cards simply for viewing the most recent headlines and advertisements on the home screen.

Slidejoy enables you to get money either by Paypal account or through giftcards of your chosen brand at no cost. The app is rather easy to handle; just read some new news and make money. Slidejoy promises its users an average of $10-$15 a month, doing nothing much. Just open the app and read some quick news. It’s a grand house for entertainment and money.

2. Juno wallet – Free Giftcards 

If you are one of those folks who have got a little time on their hands, this application might be to your liking. All you have got to do is complete a series of small tasks, e.g., watching videos, answering surveys, playing cute little games, reading articles, etc. You will get many rewards for getting these tasks done, in the form of giftcards. This app is very similar to the mobile performance meter app in that regard.

The story does not end here. You can also download thousands of popular songs from this app and still earn rewards. Handy, eh? 

3. Poll Pay : Survey’s for Money 

This is another peculiar application like the mobile performance app that allows you to make money through your Android or iOS iPhone device.

As the name suggests, the app lets you take part in unique polls and surveys that you have to answer, and there are also different types of quizzes that don’t only require your answers but also your opinions about market research and products.

One of the best things about this poll pay application is its fast and secure money transfers to your PayPal accounts. Alternatively, you can convert your points into various giftcards, such as an Amazon gift card, an Xbox gift card, a Netflix gift card, a Google Play gift card, a PayPal credit, an iTunes gift card, and so on.

4. Receipt Hog : Cash For receipt 

Tell me something, are you a big shopper? Do you spend a lot of money buying random stuff? Or are you just an average shopper? Do you only buy when you need something? In any case, this app is something that you have been missing out on for a long time.

Why? Because this application is something that pays you money just for showing the receipt of the product you bought. Or even better, any sort of receipt you have, whether it is from a restaurant or cafe. Plus, it does not matter if you buy stuff offline or online; it works both ways. You get point rewards that allow you to play spin games that create coins that can be converted into real money. Sounds a bit complicated? Well, it’s not. It’s really a fun and straightforward app that lets you make money by uploading receipt images.

All the money can be transferred to your PayPal account or can be turned into giftcards for popular brands like Amazon, Visa, etc. Plus, as you move up the game, there come unique challenges, like different games or surveys, like the mobile performance meter app, that speed up your earning pace marginally. 

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5. Verydice

This is a super-easy smartphone application that allows users to make money by playing simple games. Just open the app, roll the dice, and win the tickets. Tickets are kind of like points that you can later on apply to free-purchase online products, like gadgets and electrical products, etc. 

This game is easily one of the best apps like the mobile performance meter app that allows you to buy online products for free. Additionally, the application is available both for Android smartphones as well as iOS iPhones. 

6. FreeMyApps 

Freemyapps is an exclusive android application that allows its users to get free GIFtcards, just like the mobile performance meter app, for downloading and trying out unique android apps for free. 

In addition to watching videos and playing online games, which are awesome by the way, you will love this app if you like trying out new apps.

The most astounding thing about this application is its rewarding feature, which is giving out more than 50+ brands of giftcards, e.g., Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, Visa, Spotify, Paypal, etc. The app has already paid out $30 million worldwide to its users. Now it’s your turn.

7. FeaturePoints: Get rewarded 

This app is very much similar to the mobile performance meter application in regards to surveys, although that is the least of what the app offers. Because you can do a variety of simple tasks to earn money and giftcards for free, such as Amazon vouchers, eBay giftcards, Walmart, Nike, and so on.

What do I have to do?

Just play simple playstore games and quickly rack up real cash. And when you don’t feel like it, give out your opinions on certain questions, or better yet, when you shop online, get points for that too! exciting, right? After collecting a certain number of points, quickly transfer the money to your PayPal account or get it in the form of bitcoin, if you’re into that.

The was started in 2012, and until now the company has already paid out $5.9 millions dollars. There is also the option of referring. That gets you 50% of what your friend has earned. I’d say this is the deal one should grab.

8. AppNana

Downloaded by more than 10 million people around the world, this is an Android application which allows a person to earn rewards by performing several fun-filled tasks, for example, downloading new apps and trying them out, watching online videos, as well as earning points just by opening the AppNana application each day. 

Once you have gathered enough points, just make a few simple clicks and get free giftcards from many popular brands like Amazon, Visa, Playstore, etc. for free. You can also refer your friends and family and get even more rewards on your account. 

9. S’more : Make money & earn giftcards 

Just like how we don’t have to do anything to get free giftcards on the mobile performance meter app, This is also the same for S’more application. It allows you to earn points for showing ads on your lockscreen.

Yeah, that’s it! Every day, you will earn points that you can exchange for gift cards from 50+ brands, such as Amazon Gift Cards, AMC Theaters Gift Cards, Applebee’s Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards, CVS Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, GameStop, and many more.

You will be pleased to know that, should you like, you can easily speed up the process of earning points by playing unique games, downloading apps, completing several offers, etc. And in case you were wondering, you do not need to click on anything to earn points. Just let them be there and earn points for free. 

10. Checkpoints : Reward app 

Another app that lets you make money by shopping at local stores for free. Just purchase your daily items from the store and submit the receipt On the checkpoints. allowing you to rack up points that can be converted into popular sites’ giftcards in simple steps. 

Furthermore, The app also offers free surveys that you can take and answer while sitting at home comfortably. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, submit a request to receive free gift cards, such as those from Walmart. •Target • Amazon • Sephora • Domino’s • HomeDepot, and so on.

There is also the referal link method, that allows you to make possibly $25 worth of giftcards per referal. Plus, it’s super-easy to use and has an intuitive interface that you can pick up in no time.

11.  InboxDollars App (5$ Bonus)

InboxDollars is a well-known website that has been around for 21 years and has paid out over $80 million to its users.

This App Is A Great Way To Earn Real Money Online By Playing Games On Your Android Device. These online games include unique sorts of games like Word Chess, Solitaire, Pool, and much more. Although, The Most Amazing Thing About This App Is That There Are Multiple Ways To Make Money Here. For example, you can make money by: taking surveys; reading emails; completing offers; playing games.

You will not only earn real money, but you will also receive ECards or Gift Cards, which you can redeem after requesting payment, which is quite simple!

You will receive an additional reward of $5 just for signing up, which you may withdraw through a gift card, PayPal, or Visa.

12. Google Opinion rewards 

You might already know about this application, as it is immensely popular on the playstore. More than 50 million people have downloaded this app from the playstore. That makes it the most popular application out of all the apps we have provided here that are like the mobile performance meter app.

Google Opinion Rewards is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones, and as the name suggests, the app rewards you with cash for completing surveys and providing input on a variety of everyday items. You can use the funds to purchase armour, firearms, apps, games, etc. from the Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards is available in more than 30+ major nations throughout the world, which is one of its best features. Google Opinion Rewards can be an excellent choice for frequent travellers. As a result, the survey response rate of travellers might be increased significantly more than that of non-travelers. More surveys equals greater incentives. It’s that easy.

13. Make money and earn cash rewards 

Another application that is similar to the mobile performance meter app in terms of rewarding you with money and giftcards. The app pays you for doing stuff that a person usually does on their mobile phone. e.g., enjoying music, playing games, listening to radio stations that are really fun and informative. And that’s not even half of what this programme offers. There is additionally a reward system for investigating and reading the news, as well as buying and unlocking phone locks. Each step you ordinarily take every day to conduct an activity on your mobile phone might be profitable and advantageous in terms of money and gift cards.

Make money and earn cash incentives awards you points that, at a later time, can be exchanged for both cash and gift cards for a wide variety of well-known brands. In addition to that, there is also a referral programme that enables you to earn a commission for each person that you bring in. Your PayPal account will receive the funds in a safe and secure manner, and the user interface will make the process easy to understand.

14. Media Rewards 

Like the mobile performace meter app, media rewards is also an application that monitors your android mobile. The only difference being that, unlike the mobile performance meter app, Media Rewards only monitors your streaming videos that you do on your smartphone, e.g., watching a Youtube video, streaming Netflix, or listening to radio stations. 

In addition, you can always participate in paid surveys to substantially accelerate your earnings. Once you have earned enough points, you can immediately receive the money in your PayPal account by completing a few simple procedures.

Media rewards does not collect any personally identifiable information. In case you were wondering, the application strictly adheres to privacy protection regulations. This is a fantastic way to generate legitimate money online, in my opinion. Why not turn your interest in streaming media or radio stations into a means of making money online?


We sincerely hope you found this article useful. If you did, please leave us a comment and join our Telegram channel to get an updated list of apps that pay real money for completing surveys, providing opinions, shopping, playing games, listening to radios, watching videos, and downloading apps, amongst many other tasks.

These were the best 14 Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter App. Each and every app listed is legit and pays you money to your paypal account or in the form of giftcards that you can use on popular online websites. If you believe there is any app that should have made this list but has not, do let us know. We will attach it here as soon as possible. Have a good time. 

Frequently asked questions

q1. What is the best app like the mobile performance meter app?

In this article, we have outlined a list of the best apps that are like mobile performance meter app. Do read this post and find it out for yourself.

q2. Best app like mobile performance meter app for IOS Iphone? 

Here we have given a list of the best apps that are similar to the mobile performance meter app and work on iOS iPhone. Read through this post for better details.

q3. Best apps like mobile performance meter app for Android mobile?   

In this post, we have written about the best apps that are like the mobile performance meter app for Android phones in 2023.

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