8 Best Android Data Recovery Software’s 2022 (Without Root)

android data recovery
(Last Updated On: 28 July 2022)
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    It’s not everyday that we lose some important data, documents, files, pictures that were important to us, but it is also true that it is bound to happen!

    may not be today, could be tomorrow, you can easily do it by making a wrong tap & all the data will be lost, you’ll be left feeling sad for yourself, for all the pictures with lovely memories might disappear.

    android data recovery

    Or you might have already lost your data, necessary document, and are looking for a safe way to recover all that lost data on your Android device, Well you can rest assured! you’ve got the right place.

    In this article, you would learn about the best & safest software’s to recover your lost Android data through your pc, windows, mac.

    List of best free Android data recovery software 2022

    1. Dr. Fone

    In the market of data recovery software's dr fone is considered one of the best software that allows you to recover your deleted files, lost data, transfer data into your device & lotta more.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    It’s been around for more than 17 years with millions of people downloading it “153 millions” download to be exact, it has all the necessary tools to keep your device at 100% all the time.

    A complete mobiles solution, if you will, provided with all the important tools to solve every problem that comes your way-Such as, Android & IOS breakdowns and data loss, to phone transfers and hell of a lot more.

    Let's see some of the dr phone features

    • Dr fone works with both android & IOs devices, by Windows and mac operating systems.

    • dr phone is a complete solution tool for any device, since it's got so many feature like, unlock, backup and restore, recover data, erase data, file transfer and backup data from cloud and much more.

    • lost data recovery rate & accuracy rate is pretty high in dr. phone, because it uses really complex algorithm, though it's easy to use.

    • Dr fone, supports more than 6000 Android devices, so look out for that.

    • As with all the good things, Dr. fone is a paid software, however do not lose hope just yet! You can also download dr fone trial version which is really awesome.

    2. Jihosoft

    When it concerns Android data recovery software's, and we don't talk about jihosoft, well that would be unwisely because jihosoft is one of the finest tools to recover, lost - Photos - files - contacts - emails, & so much more.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    There are unlimited number of variables that can result in data loss on Android devices, though whatever the case be- Jihosoft enables to you get all the salvageable contents, like Photos, Text Messages and so much more lost because of the Accidental Deletion, Factory Reset, System Crash, ROM Flash, Rooting Error, Virus Attack And At Cetra.

    Check out jihosoft features

    • jihosoft is available both for Android & iPhone users to utilize it for recovering data.

    • Can restore almost all of the data back to Device, or of the external memory card.

    • Jihosoft supports 6000+ Android mobiles and tablets that incorporates USB mass storage mode.

    • Clean interface, and piece of cake to use.

    • There is a paid version of it worth 40$ although you can first exploit it's free trial version.

    3. Tenorshare

    Tenorshare is a top-notch data recover software, that can easily recover all your deleted or lost data files out of Android & iOS.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    Founded in 2007, Tenorshare has been providing millions of people with absolute support of data security, system repairs, whichever scenario that comes in your mind will be solvable by tenorshare, since it comes with the highest accuracy rate of data retrieval compared to any other data recovery software’s.

    to access – highly straightforward to make use of, and you don’t even need to root your device to access all the internal and external data to restore it properly.

    Tenorshare data recovery features

    • advance software with the technology to recover your lost data without root.

    • Preview lost gallery pictures, files, documents, WhatsApp texts, call records before extraction.

    • Compatible with 6000+ devices, such as Samsung, vivo, Xioami, oppo, and a lot more.

    • Chances of data recovery are higher in cases of, Accidental deletion - OS crash -Screen is broken - System root.

    • Tenoshare is a paid software, that comes with licence's, ranging from $39.95/ 1 Year to $59.95/ 1 Year License, with 30- days money back guarantee.

    4. FoneLab (Windows & Mac)

    Fonelab is a Android data recovery tool, that works the quickest in the market of recovery software's, as it provides you with one - click data recovery, without root.

    Download Now

    It’s one of the fastest and most powerful tool which enables you to retrieve deleted videos, contacts, messages on WhatsApp, call history, photos on Android phone and ios.

    Your going to absolutely love this because with this Android data recovery tool, you can even restore your, SD Card or sim card detail’s within a matter of minutes.

    What are the features of Fonelab?

    • this tool can easily recover your lost data, whether it is water damaged, or virus attacked, or busted by some malfunction.

    • Preview all your lost data, before initiating extraction of, videos - photos - music - documents - internal - external storage files.

    • data recovery software without root.

    • Recover lost data from more than 6,000+ Android & tablets.

    • Available both for Windows & mac.

    • It is a purchasable software, although you can check out the free version.

    5. FonePaw

    FonePaw is android & ios data recovery tool which makes it easier than ever before to restore all type of file formats.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    This is a great tool – specially designed for Android devices & tablets, specializing in recovery of deleted photos, WhatsApp messages, videos, or any files that could have been lost accidentally.

    Fonepaw Is Equipped With High-Speed-Recovery as well as Deep Scan, that scans any Android data at a deeper level for better results.

    Let's check out some of the FonePaw features-

    • Cleanest interface that is very easy to use with simple steps.

    • Deep scan and recover all your data from Android Phone, SD Card, and Sim Card.

    • Preview every disappeared data from your Android device & extract it just as easily.

    • Support all the major Android devices such as, Xiomi, Poco, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

    • FonePaw is paid data recovery tool, which also comes with free version.

    6. Apeaksoft

    Now recover all your deleted photos, messages, contacts, mobile numbers important call records without a hitch using apeaksoft.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    Apeaksoft is one of the finest data recovery tool that is available for Windows and mac, you can just simply begin managing & restoring your Android device buy plugging in USB cable.

    What are the apeaksoft features?

    • Apeaksoft supports more than 5000 Android devices/ tablets.

    • Apeaksoft allows you to retrieve data in scenarios like, system failure, deletion by mistake, SD card issue, forgotten password, or rooting error, et cetra.

    • It also helps with broken Android data extraction, making extraction easy in the case device is damaged.

    • ApeakSoft is a purchasable software, which comes along with free version.

    7. Myjad

    Myjad is considered one of the best Android data retrieval software that's been around since 2015, this is a trusted brand in the industry of mobile software solutions.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    It doesn’t matter what happened with your devices, wether it was crashed- broken – dead – or rooted failure, with the assistance of myjad, you can restore & recover your Android device, data without any difficulty.

    My jad features you should know-

    • Recover data from all the popular brands like, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and a great deal more with ease.

    • Preview and retrieve deleted Android data with a tap.

    • You can also backup Android data into your pc.

    • It's a piece of cake to use, like connect with your device, scan & recover out all the deleted files into your computer.

    • Myjad is a paid tool which is Worth almost 50$, however it also got a trial version out.

    8. PhoneRescue

    Well, we believe the name says it all, because really it helps you save your Android device, in scenarios such as, recovering permanently deleted files or corrupted files or even restore your mobile back to normal.

    Download Now
    android data recovery

    PhoneRescue is a super easy to use software that supports as much as 25 file types, making recovery extremely easier as it works with all formats.

    PhoneRescue features -

    • PhoneRescue recovers files at a real high speed.

    • Clean interface, along with super easy service.

    • Easily rescue all your files, no matter what their format are, or either you have root or not.

    • Even if your Android phone is locked, for example, patten locked, face locked, password, fingerlock, restore it without losing any data.

    • Phones Rescue comes both with paid & free version.

    Best Android data recovery software's 2022 explained

    losing important files or happy memories made with family is indeed not a good experience, and for sure it happens with everybody at on point or another, no matter how careful you maybe.

    Henceforth today article about the best Android data recovery software’s of 2022 that guides us through the process of recovering all our data, like WhatsApp messages, contacts, call records, music, videos, documents & so much more.

    Please be aware, all of these software’s are not in a ranking order, meaning you can download any of them and all of them are well-fuctioning, & execute their tasks completely without any troubleshoot.

    We sincerely hope this article is worthwhile and gives you an insight on “best software’s that recovers lost Android data” we have also attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help solve any queries, still got some question, don’t hesitate to ask them away in comments section, we shall reply you as soon as possible.

    android data recovery

    Best Android data software's FAQs 2022

    There are many, as we have discussed in this article, please read this article carefully in order to find the best Android data recovery software as per your needs.

    Most of the software which we have talked about in this article, are purchasable, However almost all of them has a trial & free version, with some limitations, You can download those and use as you want.

    By our team collective experience, We'd say Tenoshare, It's got all the functions, recover all types of files formats, unlock all the locks like, pattern, password, and such.

    Download any of the software's we have given above, then follows these easy steps in order to recover permanently deleted files from Android -


    1. Connect the device, with computer/pc
    in which you have installed recovery software.

    2. Choose the file type/format you want to search for.

    3. Click on files that want extracted and have them copied into your pc or mobile.

    4. Voila! Wasn't that hard now, was it?

    Many of these best android data recovery software tools are paid, however you can download the trial versions with some extent of limitations for free.

    List of best android data recovery software -

    1. Dr. fone

    2. Jihosoft

    3. Tenorshare

    Definitely! it's pretty safe, as long as you are sure that you are following the right instructions carefully.

    Definitely! it's pretty safe, as long as you are sure that you are following the right instruction carefully. See what you mean by permanent is that the data which you deleted cannot been seen by the user, nevertheless it is always there, in order to access, recover it, You should use the tools we have given above. 


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