What Is Amzn MKTP US Charge On Your Bank Statement? Get Your Money Back

Getting a random message or text out of nowhere that says something along the lines of “Amazon MKTP US Charge”, “AMZN DIGITIAL”, “Amzn.com/bill”, “Amzn.com/bill”, “888-802-3080”, can be rather troublesome since getting these messages usually means Amazon has deducted some amount of money from your US bank account.

Most of the time, users have complained they had not purchased anything from Amazon and still got charged with the official bank statement informing them “Amazon MKTP US Charge” which is somewhat of a mystery to them. That is why in this article we are going to see “What is Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement” as well as how to get a refund from Amazon when charged with “Amzn MKTP US charge”.

What is Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement? Can you get a refund?

most likely Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement is a sign that you have made a purchased of something from Amazon, it is highly unlikely that it’s an Amazon error.

Now, you must be wondering “I didn’t buy anything from Amazon” as well as “Amazon is not showing any purchased products in the order category”, These and a lot more must be on your mind right now, but there is a more probable solution for your issue.

For example, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce markets on the planet, so it doesn’t exclusively sell physical goods; it also has many online services in its arsenal. Some of these include Amazon Prime, Audible, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Luna, Amazon Photos, Alexa Skills, and eBooks.

This can explain the unexpected Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement, meaning either you or somebody else has purchased one of these digital Amazon services; it can possibly be from your account or somebody else’s account with your credit or debit card number.

Moreover, there’s one more possible event that might have occurred that caused “Amzn MKTP US charge” which is the trial period. In essence, Amazon services like Amazon Prime, Audible, Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, et cetera offer a 30 or 90-day free trial so the users can already get a taste of what they’ll get in case they want to purchase the Amazon service, whatever that might be. So if you remember starting a trial of any of the Amazon services, it’s possible the trial might be over and auto-renewal has charged you for a month or a year, very much depending upon what you might have chosen.

If you want to check out whether this is true, it is rather straightforward. Here’s the guide: open the Amazon website, click on the Accounts and Lists/Orders/Digital tab, and check out whether you are subscribed to any Amazon service.

Furthermore, going under Accounts & Lists/Memberships & Subscriptions will allow you to see what Amazon services you are subscribed to and how to cancel AMZN Mktp US charge thereby.

Now, let’s see what are some of the most common instances that would explain the Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement in a number of ways.

  1. An Amazon subscription could have been renewed once the trial period expired.
  2. Your debit or credit card might have been linked to some other Amazon account, either a friend’s or a family member’s.
  3. Someone with access to your debit or credit card number could have purchased physical or digital products from Amazon.
  4. Someone has hacked your Amazon account or debit or credit card information, in which case you should block your card.

These were just some of the examples of why Amzn MKTP US charge show up on your bank statement. It is also important to know Amazon charges don’t necessarily show up as “Amzn MKTP US charge”, In fact, there are more types of Amazon charges on your bank statement that might deduct money. Let’s see what other types of Amazon US charges are there:

Amzn.com/bill WA
Amazon Prime PMTS
Kindle Unlimited
WA Amazon Digital Svcs

How to know whether Amzn MKTP US charge is a scam?

I completely understand that it’s overly concerning to see a money deduction message on your bank statement; however, it is also imperative for us to really go ahead and confirm whether the Amzn MKTP US charge is a legit deduction.

Here we have listed together a list of ways anybody can follow in order to check out the legitimacy of their Amzn MKTP US charge.

Confirm the recent orders

One of the first things to do when slapped with an Amzn MKTP US charge is to open Amazon and login to the account; once logged on, simply click on “Returns & Orders”, and check out your recent orders.

If there is no order showing, open the Amazon account of all the family members or those who got access to your credit or debit card information; if there have been some orders, rest assured you have not been scammed by Amazon in any way, simply click on the “Refund” option, and your Amzn MKTP US charge will be refunded to your account.

Look for subscriptions & memberships

As we said before, one of the many reasons why you have been charged with Amzn MKTP US could be the Amazon trials. Because Amazon has many digital services available, such as Amazon Prime, audible, AMAZON music, and Amazon Kindle, it’s highly possible that either you or somebody who has access to your account might have subscribed to an Amazon service trial, which is now costing you in the disguise of Amzn MKTP US charge.

In order to check whether you have been charged with a trial, login to your Amazon account, go to “Account & Lists,” and then select “Membership & Subscriptions.” If indeed you have been charged with an Amazon digital service, there is the answer to your Amzn MKTP US charge.

Once you’re in the “Membership & Subscriptions” section, it is straightforward to cancel your Amazon digital service so that you don’t get charged with Amzn MKTP US charge the next time around; moreover, you can also manage and review your Amazon digital service from this section.

Checkout one-time purchases

Amazon is so big that it is integrated into many devices, such as smart TVs, tablets, Alexa, Echo Dot, etc. And there’s this thing called an Amazon one-time purchase.
Any device with an Amazon account logged in will be susceptible to an Amazon one-time purchase. It is often done accidentally by children; just one click and the purchase is done. The one-time purchases don’t require bank authentications. Unless the purchase is large, you’ll need to check to see if there has been any order placed with Amazon-integrated devices.

Confirm the backorders on Amazon

Amazon has many features that many of us are unaware of, for example, the backorder feature. Don’t be confused if you’ve never heard of this before.
Let me explain: now that there are millions of items on Amazon and every latest thing in the market is bound to get out of stock at some point, this is exactly where the backorder feature comes in play. Anybody can place any order in advance so when the item’s become available, it will automatically be shipped. Therefore, in case you or somebody else had ordered something a month ago, it could be charging now, hence the Amzn MKTP US charge. You can also refund the product if you don’t want it; the money will be transferred back to your account.

Look for accounts that have your cards saved

Creating an Amazon account is an easy task to perform, and for a family to share accounts or create separate accounts is totally normal. However, in the event that somebody gets access to your debit or credit card information, placing an order is basically a click away.
If you remember lending your Amazon account to someone else or ordering anything from a different Amazon account, the cards could still be saved in the account because it’s set to the default settings. That can explain the “Amzn MKTP US charge” on your bank statement. If this is true, then you’ll need to search for Amazon accounts that might have your cards saved and delete them.

Get in contact with Amazon support team

On the occasion you’ve tried everything mentioned above and still haven’t gotten any answers to your Amzn MKTP US charge issue on your own, the last option is to simply contact the Amazon support team.
Once you’re in touch with them, you can get your questions answered, like, Why have I been charged for Amzn MKTP US? or When did the charges take place? or What’s the item that has been bought through your Amazon account or your cards? Although we’d recommend before you contact the support, try out all the other methods we’ve outlined above.


Time and again, the Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement turns out to be some Amazon trial service that is now charging, leaving you surprised to the point of anger.
Do not worry too much though, thinking you’ve been scammed, since most of the time it’s actually an honest mistake by somebody in your house or even you, and you can claim for a refund legally. Now, if there are any more questions regarding the “Amzn MKTP US charge on your bank statement,” let us know in the comment box.

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