Where is the clipboard on iPhone? Access clipboard on iphone 

Apple has designed the clipboard on the iPhone to make your life easier by allowing you to copy text, images, and files from different sources and paste them in other places you need them. Usually, when you copy some text using the keyboard on your iPhone, it automatically gets saved in your clipboard so that you can easily paste it wherever you want later on. However, what if you wanted to view all the things you’ve copied previously? You’d wonder where the clipboard is on iPhone. Can you access your clipboard on iPhone? So many questions and mysteries surround the clipboard on the iPhone. 

It gets even more frustrating and confusing when you have to copy and paste more than one set of items or sentences on your iOS iPhone, because how will you find those in your iOS clipboard? Where is it located exactly? Don’t worry, we’ve broken down these complex questions into simple answers in this article, and we’re confident that after reading it, you’ll have more than one way to access the clipboard on your iPhone, as well as the ability to save multiple clipboards on your iPhone and access them on the go.

What is the clipboard on the IOS iPhone?

A clipboard is a temporary storage area for data that is being copied from one location to another. The data is stored on the clipboard until it is pasted into the new location. On an iPhone, the clipboard is used when you copy and paste text or images.

You might already know what the clipboard is on the iPhone. We know However, there is something unique about iPhone clipboards. Whether you have the iPhone 7, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13, what is it that distinguishes the iPhone clipboard from typical Android clipboards?

How to Access Clipboard on iPhone1

Well, for one, the number of texts or images that a clipboard can take up. For example, a great number of Android smartphones nowadays are usually featured with multiple clipboards on them, meaning they will save your new copied texts as well as the texts copied in the past, whereas the IOS iPhone is usually designed to copy only single texts and not multiple ones, meaning your new copied text will overwrite the past text automatically. 

In a nutshell, there are no multiple clipboards on iphone. Now the question remains: where is the clipboard on the iPhone or how to access the clipboard on iPhone? 

Well, quite frankly, one cannot access the clipboard on iPhone. Why is that, though? Since the clipboard on iOS iPhone exists only in the system of the iPhone, which is virtual and not accessible to the user of iphone one cannot find the clipboard on the iPhone. It is there and has only been designed to copy one text or image at a time with no additional settings or saved texts, so it is not available to view or modify for the users of iOS iPhones. Do not lose hope just yet, since this is exactly why we have made this article for you, which will allow you to access the clipboards on your iPhone.

How to save multiple clipboards on iphone? Access clipboard on iphone

In this section of our article, we will be looking at a different set of unique ideas and apps that we can use on our iPhone device to save multiple clipboards on it and access them with a few clicks. 

iPhone in-Built notepad-Access Clipboard on iphone 

This is the easiest way to access clipboards on the iPhone. Basically, in this trick, what you do is make your own notepad a clipboard.
The advantages are numerous, and the disadvantages are none. For example, all kinds of iPhones have unique note apps pre-installed on them, e.g., App Notes, Evernote, Drafts 5, Google Keep, SimpleNote, etc. 

Pretty easily, one can turn all of these apps into their own personal clipboards that can be used to save multiple copied texts as well as preserve previously copied texts. You just have to paste your copied texts into the notes section of your iPhone and locate them later on with a few simple clicks. saving you both time and energy from having to rewrite the entire load of texts. The trick is applicable for both iPhones and iPads to access multiple keywords simultaneously. 

Download third party apps to access the clipboard on iphone and iPad.

This is probably something you would have considered before and may have backed out of, thinking your personal data or typed information could be compromised. This is not at all foolish. Furthermore, if you write down important stuff on your iPhone keyboard, then it is most probably a good thing you didn’t trust a third-party app. However, we would kindly like to let you know that there are some third party trusted apps that one can use in order to access the clipboard on iphone or find where the clipboard manager is on their iPhone. 

The Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard is a virtual keyboard that is available for use on iPhone and iPad. It has a number of features that make it a great choice for those who are looking for an alternative to the built-in keyboard. One of the best features of the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard is its clipboard manager. 

This feature allows you to save multiple copied texts on iphone and save them for later use. This can be a great time saver if you find yourself copying and pasting text frequently. Another great feature of the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard is its ability to learn your typing habits. This means that it can predict what you are going to type next, which can save you time and improve your accuracy.

Follow the given steps in order to use the SwiftKey to paste, copy the past clipboards on iphone.

  • First, download the SwiftKey app and set it as your iPhone’s default keyboard.[Settings] [General] [Keyboard] [Keyboards] [New Keyboard] and select [SwiftKey]
  • Now, copy whatever text you want to save for future use.
  • On your extreme left, there will be a tiny + sign. You have to click on it.
  • After clicking on the tiny + sign, you will see a clipboard icon. Click on it.
  • A “SAVE” option will appear. Once you click on it, it will be saved on your clipboard forever.

Just like that, you should be able to copy as many texts as you want on your iPhone’s clipboard at no additional cost. Whenever you want to access your multiple saved clipboards on your iPhone, just click on the + sign and the clipboard icon. It’s all easy.

The average clipboard on iPhones doesn’t really have a way to access its clipboard; it is only meant for copying and pasting one piece of information at a time. Therefore, one should use an additional keyboard that comes with its own clipboard set. Besides, the SwiftKey keyboard by Microsoft is a near perfect keyboard that you will get used to in no time.

Where is the clipboard on iphone? Access iphone clipboard via shortcuts

If you have been reading through this article, you’d know we have already accomplished that iphone clipboard cannot be accessed directly because it exists virtually in the system. 

This is true, though we have somehow managed to find a way around it, which is done by leveraging the shortcuts system available on the iPhone. Through this exercise, you can easily gain access to the clipboard on the iPhone. Track the steps:

  1. First, you are going to need the Shortcut application on your iOS iPhone or iPad. If it’s not already installed, use this link to download it.
  2. Launch the Shortcuts app on your iOS iPhone or iPad.
  3. Click on the “Gallery” section and search for “Adjust clipboard.”
  4. Click on “Get the shortcut” and that’s done and doner.

After the “Adjust Clipboard” shortcut has been downloaded on your iPhone, open your notebooks or any text messages you would like to copy, and once you have copied that item, simply go back to the shortcuts app and click on the “adjust clipboard” icon. Where you can find your copied texts on your iPhone. 

One of the best features of the shortcuts application on the iPhone is that there are so many options available for the clipboard on the iPhone. For example, not only can you access clipboard on iphone, but you can also modify, add, or delete it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re one of those folks who like to play around with unique features to come up with their own tricks, you will definitely love the “Shortcuts”.

Download managers to save and access multiple clipboards on iphone

Clipboard managers are a must-have app for anyone who uses an iPhone. They allow you to store text snippets, images, and other data in a single location so that you can easily access them later on. There are many different clipboard managers available for iOS, but the best ones are not so easy to find. That is why in this section we are going to be looking at the best iOS clipboard manager applications that manage your clipboards, allow you to store your current clipboard, store a record of your former clipboards, and access them.


Oneboard is a really straightforward iOS app that makes it really simple to copy multiple texts on iPhone. Moreover, it only takes a few clicks to copy a clipboard item to OneBoard. For instance, simply click and hold any text for a brief period of time to save it for as long as you like on OneBoard. which later on can be accessed at any given moment by the user without much difficulty.

Oneboard only takes 9.3MB of your iPhone’s or iPad’s storage and works on iOS 13.0 or later versions of iOS. Furthermore, it’s also available in two different languages, both English and Korean.

Here’s an example of “How to use the Oneboard” in order to automatically save your clipboards’ past history, new copied texts, as well as other forms of data on your iPhone.

  1. Download the onboard application from the app store. (It can be either free or paid for different versions of iPhones and iPads).
  2. Now copy any text on your local IOS clipboard, and it will be automatically saved on the “Clipboard” section of the oneboard.
  3. Whenever you want, simply open the Oneboard “clipboard section” and you will see all your current copied texts, messages, as well as keyboard history saved in there. 

Wasn’t that really easy? Just by downloading a single clipboard manager that takes 9Mb of your storage can go a long way towards assisting you in accessing your past texts, current clipboards, as well as the oldest clipboards on your iPhone. 

Now that we know about the Oneboard clipboard manager, let us look at some of the best clipboard managers available for iPhones and iPads to access clipboard, save multiple text messages at once, etc.

Clipboarder: Access Clipboard on iphone or ipad 

Clipboarder is another free clipboard manager for the iPhone. It has an intuitive interface that is easy to get the hang of. With the swipe of your hand gestures, you should be able to save any urls, text, or images on the iPhone clipboard.

Furthermore, you also have the option to edit, delete, and rearrange all the copied information on your iPhone. The app requires 24MB of your iPhone or iPod’s storage and works on all devices with iOS version 10.0 or later.

Clipboard grabber: Access Clipboard on iphone

One of the most straightforward apps for clipboard managers that you could ask for. Any piece of information that you copy on your iOS iPhone, whether it is text, message, url link, etc., will be automatically saved in the clipboard manager app. It’s an ideal clipboard manager because it lets you save multiple clipboards on your iPhone, as well as keep a history of your copied texts. No matter how old the clipboard manager is, your data will be saved.

And even accessing the clipboard on your iPhone becomes easier once you have this application. All you have to do is open the clipboard grabber, search for the copied contents you want to access on your iPhone. The Clipboard Grabber requires 7.2MB of your iPhone or iPod’s storage, and works on all devices with iOs version 13.2 or later.

Clips board: Access Clipboard on iphone or ipad

Clips Board is an astounding iOS application that allows you to quickly copy, paste, and access all the clipboards in a few clips. Moreover, the app also works as a keyboard, which is an experience to be honest, plus the widget function the app has in store for you. All your newest copied texts will be shown on your today’s widget, which you can copy and paste on your iPhone and iPad without even having to open the application manually.

The Clips board requires 68.5MB of your iPhone or iPod’s storage and works on all devices with iOS 9.0 or later.

Anybuffer: Access Clipboard on iphone or ipad

Anybuffer is a powerhouse of unique tools for all sorts of iOS devices, e.g., iPhone, MacOS, iPads, etc.
We were only talking about the clipboard on iPhones and iPads, whereas the anybuffer allows you to save, multiple clipboards on Apple iPhones, as well as links, images, videos, documents, etc in one place.

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You will never have to lose your textual data once you have copied it into the anybuffer software, and that’s not even the end of it, because anybuffer is also a free application that does not take 1% of your data as per the company rules. So you are 100% safe here as well. Anybuffer requires 5.3MB of your iPhone or iPad’s storage and works on all devices with iOS 15.0 or later.


The basic purpose of wanting to access the clipboard on iphone is simple; wanting to create multiple clipboards on the iPhone that can be used later on, and also wanting to have a record or history of all the previous copied texts saved on the iPhone, so when in the future we might need those details, we can just access the clipboard history on the iPhone and copy-paste it again. 

We hope by now you have gotten the answer to your question as to “Where is the clipboard on iphone” or “How to access the clipboard on iphone” Well, basically in this article we have written about the best 4 methods that one can apply in order to access clipboard on an iPhone.

The first thing one can do is utilise the iPhone’s own notes app as a clipboard manager, so there is no need for any third party app. Whereas in the second method, we have learned about the Microsoft SwiftKeyboard, which works seamlessly on the iPhone or iPad and has its own clipboard manager to access on the iPhone. In the third method, comes the shortcut trick that one can apply to access the iPhone’s clipboard, which can also be modified, deleted, or saved. 

And last but not the least, comes the third-party clipboard manager trick that I would really recommend for those who work a lot on writing content. Let us know in the comments section what you think of these, plus if there is any more trick that allows one to access the iphones clipboard manager, do let us know.

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q4. Where does copy go on iPhone?

When you copy on the iPhone, it usually goes to a temporary memory on the system that is not accessible. To find out more, read the article. 

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